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Breaking of the Day of Silence [Apr. 5th, 2005|07:57 pm]
The Westfield High School GSA


Hey Kids, Just want to update you on something that got sent to Josh about the Breaking of the Day of Silence...

Saturday April 16th the Herndon GSA in planning a "Breaking the Silence event". The idea is to "share the impact of the breaking the silence event", but basically we just want to hang out. The event is to be held at Trailside Park (1022 Crestview DR. Herndon, Va 20170-3670, US - mapquest for direction). We are trying to get the park from 10AM - 2PM (of course that doesn't mean people have to be there the whole time). The plan is hot dogs/ hamburgers on the grill (vegetarian available but will need an approximate headcount of those eating meat vs. those not by the 10th of April). We are looking into having a few small bands, but aren't sure what to do about electricity as we are fairly sure the park doesn't come equipped with electrical outlits in the grass :-). However if you know a band that might be interested in playing a song or more and can work around a lack of electricity, you should have them e-mail me (LuckyDuck13@att.net) (If no bands, then a boom box and Cds). We plan on having a "bin of toys" (e.i. football, soccer ball, Frisbee, hacky-sack, ect.) and an egg toss as well. We kind of lack in money and people, so if your school would like to help in anyway (donation of anything, planning, supports, whatever) or if anyone has any cool ideas, or just wants to talk to me have them contact me via email (reed above) or my AIM screen anem which is SpaztikDuck. We are asking that each GSA try and get as many people to come as possible. Also, if you know anyone from other GSA's you should invite them as well and feel free to share my contact info.
-Audrey (GSA, Herndon)

703-437-6321 - home
571-225-9602 - cell
spaztikduck - AIM
LuckyDuck13@att.net - email

Breaking The Silence Party - April 16th LuckyDuck@att.net
Youth Pride Day - April 26th http://www.youthpridedc.org/ypd.htm

Thanks Kids...
Day of Silence intrest meeting is THIS THURSDAY April 7th in C117 from 2:30 - 4

PLEASE COME!!! Come make posters and all the fun stuff!!


[User Picture]From: fabulouschristi
2005-04-06 03:50 pm (UTC)
thanks renee!
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