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EMERGENCY MEETING JUNE 2ND [May. 26th, 2005|04:20 pm]
The Westfield High School GSA



As most of you know, this year didn't go so well. We're done with pointing fingers, because we can't go back in time. BUT. we can make sure it doesn't happen again next year. That is, unless you don't want it next year. It's all up to you. We need people who are dedicated, enthusiastic, punctual and 100% responsible, because as much as myself and the rest of this year's leadership stands for the cause, this year just didn't work out so well with our busy schedules dedicated to other things. If there are those of you who'd hate to see GSA die, I will definitely still be there next year with full support. However, like this year, I'll be involved in theatre and I won't be able to be there 100% of the time, so I can't do it alone. I'm willing to do posters, advertising...everything I can possibly do, but I need people like you to dedicate yourselves to GSA and be there every meeting and keep its blood pumping. I'll remain on leadership if people want me to stay, and if not, I'll come to every meeting I can and help out as much as possible. I'd hate to see our club die, but without immediate action, that's what will happen. We had posters up since Monday all over the school advertising today's meeting, and not one of you was there besides myself, Christi, Bobby and Parker. What does that say? Do you guys feel it's just not working anymore? I want to keep us alive, but without a heart to feed blood to the brain, we'll be gone. Our sponsors have put up with so much crap from us this year, with people not showing up and whatnot...and they're giving us a second chance. THIS. IS. IT.

I'll see you Thursday, June 2nd.

[User Picture]From: blur_of_color
2005-05-26 07:04 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry I couldn't make it today. He wont let me out of the Jazz rehursal because of our concert tonight. I do want to be on leadership this year and very much want to help our GSA be a CLUB again...
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[User Picture]From: hardsethead
2005-05-26 07:28 pm (UTC)
so....you'll come next thursday, ROIGHT? I have like 40 COLORFUL posters that I'm going to put up tomorrow, if you want to help, but we'll probably miss all of lunch since its 40 instead of 20. if you don't want to, that's fine. :P
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[User Picture]From: chrissy_sucks
2005-05-26 09:23 pm (UTC)

i handwrote like around 100 flyers and passed them around, and no one came??????


i couldnt go to the meeting coz i was like sickat home
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[User Picture]From: hardsethead
2005-05-26 09:58 pm (UTC)
yeah, and I posted fliers everywhere too. I don't know why no one came.
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