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rainbowbulldogs's Journal

The Westfield High School GSA
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Welcome to the Westfield High School Gay-Straight Alliance! I'm Kerri, your moderator. This community will mainly be used for announcing when GSA meetings are going to be or any other events that are going on, but if you want to ask questions or just talk to people, go ahead! Making friends is a good thing. ^_^
If you have any questions email me (nri_exec@hotmail.com), Christi (WickedButterfly16@hotmail.com), or Rebekka(xmirrororrimx@yahoo.com).

This is the schedule for all GSA meetings for the rest of the year:
January 13: Discrimination
January 27: GLBTQ definitions
February 10: Religion
February 24: Military
March 10: Media
April 7: Day of Silence Meeting
April 21: Literature
May 5: Politics
May 19: Food Drive
June 2: History
June 16: Last Meeting